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Refund/Suspend Policy

By purchasing one or more Services from Qadri Hosting, you declare that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by this Refund Policy. The latest version of our Refund Policy is always available on the Qadri Hosting website. It is essential that you read All the Policy Pages prior to purchasing any Service(s) from Qadri Hosting.

The 11 days money back guarantee is only applicable for first-time signups. Second time and subsequent sign-ups are not eligible for the same. For instance, if you've had an account with us before, cancelled and signed up again, you will not be eligible for a refund or if you have opened a second account with us refund amount may.
Note: Refund is also applicable only for Web Hosting not for Domains

Account/Service Suspend/Termination

             Your hosting account at Qadri Hosting can get SUSPEND or TERMINATED due to following reasons:

  • On overdue payments your accounts will be SUSPENDED after 7 days, after that you need to pay INR 111/- latefees for unsuspend or data backup,
    Accounts will be TERMINATE after 15 days of overdue after that user need to pay INR 299/- for recover account or databackup.

  • You decide to discontinue At any point of time, during your subscription, if you no more want to continue with our services and want to place a cancellation request with immediate termination, your hosting account will be suspended right away and will be terminated within 24 hours.

  • You violate our Terms of service If you violate our terms of service during your subscription period at Qadri Hosting it will result in immediate account suspension and termination. As soon as we've been notified about the violation of service, we would usually take instant action.

  • A Dispute or ChargeBack During the violation of our Terms of Service, we would initially suspend and give a 7 days timeframe to resolve the concern with Qadri Hosting before the termination occurs. If still, it remains unsolved termination of your hosting account will take place.